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“Klina Projects specialises in providing exceptional Construction solutions to a broad range of residential and commercial clients.”

Klina Projects will continue to bring our proven quality processes and supervision skills to this contract, including regular training, a commitment to keeping up to date with the latest tools and technologies, and a focus on continuous improvement.  This includes continually updating our work practices and procedures to reflect best practice and deliver operational efficiencies.

We maintain a high level of professionalism in all areas of our business, which enables us to address any potential concerns swiftly and efficiently. As a result, we take continual improvements seriously and have developed a structured approach to manage quality.

We encourage a high degree of open communication between our staff, management and our clients, and we have found that this provides an atmosphere in which issues and potential concerns are identified and quickly remedied.

At Klina Projects our culture is shaped by our values, priorities and the people who make up our team.  We work hard to create an environment where our people feel valued, safe and happy to work in our business.  Our workplace culture is also influenced by the high level of ongoing involvement our team have in daily operations, where everyone’s opinion matters and all ideas for improvement are considered.  Our goal is for the whole team to be so engaged through strong relationships that they feel an emotional attachment to their work and the people they work with.


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